Month: November 2015

Harlem Renaissance-Real Estate NYC

fdallengroupHarlem, Sweet Harlem! The Renaissance has come a full circle. We all remember the good days of Harlem, whether through passed down history, Ancestral stories, or if your’re lucky enough, you witnessed and experienced the Jazz, Food, and Nightlife that is Harlem.

Once the home to many of Americas storied Black playwrights, actors, actresses, authors, athletes and entertainers, as the decades passed, Harlem became an eyesore of disrepair and neglect. Serving as home base to some of NYC’s most famous Mansions and Brownstones, once inhabited by some of the most prominent Americans in history, including Presidents.

The 1980’s hit the community hard, with the “CrackYears”, as cocaine addiction created crack addicts, destroyed generations of families and property owners, and started a vortex  of deviant activities, which led to homelessness, closed and lost businesses,with abandoned and destroyed properties, on every block. All together, the perfect storm of depreciation and negative equity.

Fast forward to the 2000’s, and Harlem is indeed jumping again. The influx of Gentrifiers and Gentrification has propelled the property values into the stratosphere, that is parallel with all other Real Estate in Manhattan.

From the new construction everywhere, Big Box Stores, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Red Lobster, and others, all occupy and compete for action on the new corridor on Lenox Avenue,between 125th and 128th Streets, and crosstown from Madison Avenue to Frederick Douglass Boulevard, which is now known as Uptown Restaurant Row.

Joining the ranks with the stars of Old Harlem, like Sylvia’s, you now have The Cecil, Red Rooster, Harlem Shake, Lenox Saphire, Cove, Corner Social, and many other coffee shops, sidewalk cafes, and pastry shops to go along with the new faces, attitudes, and cultures. Even the World Renowned Jazz Club, Mintons, has been restored to its luxurious past. Once a mostly Black enclave for decades, Harlem is now, truly a glorious mosaic, occupied by all races of people.

For those of you that are seeking to capitalize on these new investment opportunities, now is the time to Buy or Sell a Condo or Brownstone in Harlem.

I myself, grew up in Harlem, in the Sugar Hill neighborhood, so who better than a Native Son, with ground roots expertise, in  Harlem, to show, tell, and sell you and family on the benefits and values of living and buying  a new condominium in this historic community.

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Resort 4 Sale – Italy-Puglia-Adriatic Sea

Resort 4 Sale – Italy-Puglia-Adriatic Sea

Just 300 miles south of Rome,sitting on the Adriatic Sea, in the town of Brindisi, is a Luxury Day Resort for Sale. 3 pristine acres of beachfront property, nestled in the Puglia Region of Italy. Great Income Producer, which pays for itself over time.

This resort is available now for your immediate purchase, for only $3 million USD,dollars. There are (2) swimming pools, cabanas, infirmary, cafeteria, parking, lots of Sun, and tons of fun to be had at this destination. This is indeed a Staycation, at your own private resort. Everything is in place, except you, the new owner.

Perfect for Investors, Retirees, or for the person who has it all, just another piece of Gods Earth, to call your own.

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Christmas In NYC – Lifestyle is a Lifechoice

Christmas In NYC – Lifestyle is a Lifechoice

As the temperatures drop, and days grow shorter, Fall reluctantly turns into Winter. The air becomes brisk,cold even, and the sights and sounds of Manhattan come alive with syncopated rhythm’s, accompanied by  Christmas songs, cheer, the jingle of the bells, the unmistakable smells, of chestnuts roasting in the air.

There’s nothing like Christmas in NYC.. living in, or visiting, and being captivated by your neighbors, a snow covered metropolis full of concrete, steel,floor to ceiling glass windows,all soaring and majestic Skyscrapers.

The Architectural Brilliance of Manhattan’s, very beautiful and luxurious real estate, makes the property values dazzle, all who venture. This  positive enchantment always makes investors around the globe, want to own a piece of this island city, which appreciates financially, at the speed of sound.

What a delight!! As far as your eyes can see, gazing across the sky lined landscape,nothing but cubes,squares, octagons, spires, steeples… some land marked buildings of old, others new and futuristic. Different hues and colors, all enhanced by fresh white snow.

Something about Christmas that makes us all want to forgive and forget the transgressions of others, as well as ourselves.

“Its almost the birth of a reset.”

 The expanse of retail beauty that crisscrosses our city with breathtaking decorations, all sparkling and glossy, competing with each other, offer something, for everyone that enters, those doors of beckon.

Whatever you choose to do for your Christmas in NYC, have fun, be safe, and spread lots of Love and Goodwill. Happy Holidays


NYC Neighborhood – Tribeca

The neighborhood of Tribeca, sits in Manhattan’s lower West Side, and is one of the most expensive communities of Real Estate in NYC. There is a Who’sWho list, of “A List” Celebrities, Entertainers, Professional Athletes,  and Hedge Fund Billionaires, who call this neighborhood home.

Walking distance to the Financial Center of the World, Wall Street.

The name “Tribeca”, is a portmanteau, and means “Triangle Below Canal Street.”

Running along the Hudson River, this bustling enclave of modern construction, blends well with the Old World Charm and cobblestone streets. There is lots of coolness, restaurants, shopping, and great schools.

Ready for your move to Tribeca? “Your needs, are our needs.”

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Chairman’s Corner – Real Estate NYC – Corporate Relocation

Welcome to Gotham! NYC is one of the most expensive cities on the planet. Its fun, exciting, and every day brings you a new snapshot of adventure, never before experienced, but make no mistake, New York City, Manhattan, is not for the faint of heart when it comes to spending your money.

For new persons and inhabitants, arriving in the city, I recommend “TheHotelAlternative”, Luxury Furnished Condos or Furnished Rentals(Apartments). The average monthly hotel rate is between $6,000-$10,000 per month., minimum. For this type of money, you can rent an entire Luxury Furnished Condo, instead of just one hotel room. Also, don’t forget the additional NYC Hotel Tax, which will increase your rate by another 15%.

The good thing about this option is that besides saving your hard earned dollars, it also gives you the opportunity to experience all of NYC neighborhoods, cultures and history, and then make an educated decision on your preferred neighborhood of choice.

New York State law requires that Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Owners, are not supposed to rent furnished properties for less than 30 days, however certain companies often break this law, and until exposed, they will continue. I do not advise, nor do I conduct business with these type of services, as they will leave you the tenant, exposed to many illegalities of the non responsible property owner or sub tenant.

As you become familiar with NYC, you and your family are generally ready to purchase a home or condo in the special neighborhood that you have fell in love with.

Whether its the bowels of lower Manhattan, in the World Famous Financial District, home to Wall Street, SoHo,Chelsea, Flatiron, Midtown, or the upper sections of Manhattan, Central Park, Harlem, you can rest assured that your Real Estate Appreciation, is most certainly guaranteed. This is a city of wealth, comprised of Buyers, Sellers, and Transitional dwellers from around the globe.

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