Chairman’s Corner – Real Estate NYC – Corporate Relocation

Welcome to Gotham! NYC is one of the most expensive cities on the planet. Its fun, exciting, and every day brings you a new snapshot of adventure, never before experienced, but make no mistake, New York City, Manhattan, is not for the faint of heart when it comes to spending your money.

For new persons and inhabitants, arriving in the city, I recommend “TheHotelAlternative”, Luxury Furnished Condos or Furnished Rentals(Apartments). The average monthly hotel rate is between $6,000-$10,000 per month., minimum. For this type of money, you can rent an entire Luxury Furnished Condo, instead of just one hotel room. Also, don’t forget the additional NYC Hotel Tax, which will increase your rate by another 15%.

The good thing about this option is that besides saving your hard earned dollars, it also gives you the opportunity to experience all of NYC neighborhoods, cultures and history, and then make an educated decision on your preferred neighborhood of choice.

New York State law requires that Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Owners, are not supposed to rent furnished properties for less than 30 days, however certain companies often break this law, and until exposed, they will continue. I do not advise, nor do I conduct business with these type of services, as they will leave you the tenant, exposed to many illegalities of the non responsible property owner or sub tenant.

As you become familiar with NYC, you and your family are generally ready to purchase a home or condo in the special neighborhood that you have fell in love with.

Whether its the bowels of lower Manhattan, in the World Famous Financial District, home to Wall Street, SoHo,Chelsea, Flatiron, Midtown, or the upper sections of Manhattan, Central Park, Harlem, you can rest assured that your Real Estate Appreciation, is most certainly guaranteed. This is a city of wealth, comprised of Buyers, Sellers, and Transitional dwellers from around the globe.

When you need Expertise on Buying, Selling, or Rentals in NYC, call us at: 646-599-0347

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