Month: January 2016

The Creation of an Empire, the Vertical Flight of Nestseekers International and Eddie Shapiro

Today, I’m honored to share a personal and in depth interview with the world, from a man that I’ve known, for many years.
The Man,Entrepreneur, Visionary,Genius, behind the Empire of Nestseekers International, Founder and CEO, Eddie Shapiro.
Calm, Cool, Easy going, with Ice Water in his veins. A steely tactician and negotiator, who rarely leaves the table, without his targeted acquisition.
I met Eddie, back in 2001, after a long career as a Commodities and Mortgage Backed Securities Trader on Wall Street. The events of that day on SeptemberEddie Shapiro 11th, changed many lives forever, mines included. I had already formed a consulting firm, and decided to convert the company into a Real Estate firm. Of course , I needed true, real world experience. I stopped at Nestseekers, small office on East 49th Street,presented my case, and went to work with Eddie and a handful of others, all of us ambitious, and hungry for Success. That was 15 years ago, and the rest is history.
I bring to you my Friend, Mentor,Confidante, and Chairman of the Board, Eddie Shapiro.

Question 1: What was your initial vision as a Startup Entrepreneur

ES:I started out, in one room on 32nd and 5th. It was a sublet of a sublet. I initially had 6 Intel Celeron computers,bought on Ebay, and I networked the units myself. Slowly,deal by deal, agent by agent, we grew to 20 people, before we moved into our first the stand alone office, on East 49th, above the Burger Heaven restaurant. My vision at the time was, as the landscape is always changing, to reach a specific number of Agents, and would be content. By the time we would reach that number, I thought we would be content.

Not so! Now days, my aspirations are to reach 1000 agents, and continue to expand into key world cities and global markets, and to incorporate in New Jersey.

The one thing i know for sure, is that if I show up for work everyday, work hard, and inject that energy, discipline, and mentality into the people around me, we will reach all of those projected targets, and will know at that time of arrival, what more to work towards.

I love what I do, and this is a HUGE advantage!

Question 2: Did you foresee the company attaining the heights in the Real Estate Industry, which it has now reached?

ES: I learned at a very young age, when I first arrived in America, alone, from Israel, at age 18, that, I have no choice but to survive. I also learned that if I worked hard enough and believed that I can, then I would accomplish anything I put my mind to.

It might take a week, a month, or a year, but as long as I am committed and willing to put in the work, it would happen, one way or another.

This story continues to evolve, as life dictates our choices.

Question 3: Where do you see Nestseekers in 5 years?

ES: As we continue to grow and expand into new cities and marketplaces, opportunities present themselves, and you run with it, and it changes your entire trajectory, dreams and perspectives. Once we landed in The Hampton’s, it was a lot clearer and easier to imagine that we could also do Beverly Hills, but it wasn’t until we were properly established in The Hampton’s, that we knew we could fly.

Question 4: The Real Estate Industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. What is your forecast for the future?

ES: In my 20 years of doing Real Estate, I truly have seen the market going in one direction! Upwards and onwards! Recession and corrections are always temporary and before you realize what happened, you are already in the recovery thereafter. I see values continue to rise and NYC, continues to expand and enjoy prosperity. Look at the rest of the world.

The Middle East is blowing up.

That’s taking a toll on Europe. China is going through a correction, and foreign investment in the United States Real Estate Sector, grew to over $80 Billion. $27 Billion was spent in NYC! We are very fortunate.

We live in the ultimate destination city for economic success, safety, and quality of life. This year, I spent the Holidays in the city, something I have not done in many years. It was the best New Years Eve that I can remember, and I realized I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Question 5: How has the hit show Million Dollar Listing NY, changed the image and growth of Nestseekers?

ES: The show is syndicated in over 100 countries. We have a team in London as a result of the show and I get weekly requests, to open a Nestseekers franchise somewhere,around the world. It turned Nestseekers into a true Global Brand. At this point, even if the show is cancelled, it will still live on globally in syndication, for many years to come.

We are very fortunate and grateful to be a part of it.

Question 5: What advice would you offer to new and old agents, to stay relevant and profitable in Real Estate?

ES: Show every day and work hard. Do the work. I’ve seen agents that barely speak English, who earn six figures annually, all because of their work ethics. That’s the only difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. There is no secret formula or magic.

Question 6: As more business is being conducted via the Internet, has traditional marketing and lead generation suffered in this New Age of Real Estate?

ES: The Web, Internet, and  Social Media, are additional mediums and platforms of marketing and communications that did not exist 15 years ago. Since their inception, these platforms have opened up and added other avenues to market and communicate. There has been some shift from print, however print remains a viable force, and every other basic fundamental in my 20 years of experience, still remains.

Its the nature of Real Estate.

Question 7: What is the best mistake you ever made, as an Entrepreneur?

ES: I started a company in the 90’s and sold my stake in it, after two years. I did the same with my first few Investment Properties. Those were my mistakes. Selling! Now, I never sell anything. Never sell. Just buy.