Harlem Renaissance-Real Estate NYC

FD Allen Group Inc.

fdallengroupHarlem, Sweet Harlem! The Renaissance has come a full circle. We all remember the good days of Harlem, whether through passed down history, Ancestral stories, or if your’re lucky enough, you witnessed and experienced the Jazz, Food, and Nightlife that is Harlem.

Once the home to many of Americas storied Black playwrights, actors, actresses, authors, athletes and entertainers, as the decades passed, Harlem became an eyesore of disrepair and neglect. Serving as home base to some of NYC’s most famous Mansions and Brownstones, once inhabited by some of the most prominent Americans in history, including Presidents.

The 1980’s hit the community hard, with the “CrackYears”, as cocaine addiction created crack addicts, destroyed generations of families and property owners, and started a vortex  of deviant activities, which led to homelessness, closed and lost businesses,with abandoned and destroyed properties, on every block. All together, the perfect storm of depreciation and negative equity.

Fast forward…

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