NYC Real Estate Sellers Guide


}Sellers Guide{

Selling  your property, Condo, Co-op, Townhome, Brownstone, in NYC, can be as stressful as it is exciting. At the FD Allen Group, Inc, we take pride in our personal service and relationships with our clients and customers. Our primary goal is to sell your property for the highest price, in the shortest time, and the least amount of inconvenience to you.

You are the boss, and (I) (We) work for you. From the moment you list your Luxury Property with us, the sale of it becomes our Top Priority. We will show your property to prospective Buyers during flexible hours of the week, and weekends, that best fit your specific needs and scheduling. We will advertise regularly in the NY Times, Zillow, Street Easy, Trulia, Social Media, and on the Internet. We also share the listing with all NYC Brokers, and Agents, for maximum Sales potential.

For us, getting an accepted offer (for the highest price possible, of course…) is only the beginning. Our experienced team of agents, will guide you through the entire process of financing, appraisals, and board packages, just to name a few. We will also monitor and work in conjunction with Attorneys, Banks, Mortgage Companies, Building Management, and all other parties involved to ensure a prompt and efficient closing.

}Why Hire A Broker{

Lets face it! Nobody likes to pay commissions. However, the greatest deals and Real Estate transactions in New York City, involve one or more Real Estate Professionals.

A Brokers commission is simply a part of the selling expense. Here are a few of the reasons, why a good Broker makes a difference.

}Market Research and Correct Pricing{

The experienced Broker/Agent, will research the current market conditions and advise you on the correct pricing techniques, without pricing yourself out of the market. Remember, a new Buyer is not going to pay for your sentimental attachment to the home.

As we all now live a the fast paced digital age, in the year 2016, lots of Owners think they can perform this delicate balancing act of Proper Pricing, and granted, a few do, but most don’t, and end up hiring a Real Estate Professional.

“Never tell a surgeon, where to cut.”

Brokers still have the best access to prospective Buyers, Investors, Industry Networks, and growth modules, with past, present, and future Appreciation and Returns on Investments forecasts. Brokers can tell you exactly what to sell your property for, based on concise comparable analysis, that will maximize your property value.

}Marketing and Exposure{

The only way to receive the Highest Price for your property, is to give it the widest exposure possible. In other words, the more Qualified Buyers and Investors that know about your property, the more potential, legitimate offers you will receive. Your Broker will advise you on the best marketing, promotions, and advertising plans. We will also instill realistic financial goals, and will judge when and if its time to switch strategy.

}Showings,Open Houses, Negotiations, and Approved Buyers{ 

Making your property available for Showings and Open Houses, requires a serious time commitment and careful coordination. It is not a good idea for Owners to be present at Showings and Open Houses, since Buyers are less comfortable asking direct questions and examining a property thoroughly, out of respect for an Owners privacy. The listing Broker will answer the questions professionally, and negotiate the best price and terms for the Owner, without emotional involvement. Remember, all offers to buy in New York City, are merely verbal, with Contracts, Financing, and Board Approval contingencies. It is imperative for the experienced Broker, to determine which offers are serious enough to present, and which Buyer can obtain the necessary financing, pass Board Approval, and close on time. The Broker will help you to evaluate each offer, interview prospective buyers, and conduct credit reports, and other financial investigations, on your behalf.

If you receive several offers, the highest offer is not always, the best. The Broker will help you make the right decision.

The FD Allen Group is ready to meet you and your family, to help establish your goals, expectations, and a winning strategy. White Glove Customer Service is Mandatory!

Ready to sell your Home, Condo, Co-op, or Brownstone? Upgrade to a newer Manhattan development, with more amenities? Call or email us today, for a prompt and courteous response.

FD Allen Group Inc.

Frank Allen/Founder/Broker

212.561.6720 –  Office/646.599.0347 -Mobile


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