Trump’s Election and The State of The NYC Real Estate Market


Unreal and Shocked, are two words that I think everyone can relate to, as the world now knows, and citizens are starting to accept, the Victory of Donald Trump, as the 45th, and next President of the United States. Regardless of your personal political loyalties, our new leader has to be met with optimism.

From the streets of Queens, New York, a Real Estate Developer, named Donald Trump, has attained the highest office in the land. Certainly such a promotion, gives us all the Inspiration and Determination, that no mountain is too high to scale.

This election cycle has also brought with it, some of the most volatile uncertainty on the Real Estate market nationally, but especially in the nation’s most lucrative and expensive housing market, New York City.

There’s a plethora of finished  New Construction, and Under Construction Skyscraper Condos, available in the city. Many new units, sit empty, as Buyers and Investors, sat on the fence, waiting for the Election to come and go, and now that it has passed, the uncertainty in the market, should and will correct itself. Buyers and Investors, can once again feel secure in the purchase of Multi Million Dollar Properties in Manhattan, either as a Primary Residence, or a Pied-A-Terre, Investment Property. 

Anticipation and Forecast of an Economic Growth spike, gives me reason to move forward with, and share with you, that Return On Investments, and Property Appreciation, will continue as usual, in New York City.

Its a great time for Buyers and Investors to get on board and start purchasing vacant Condos, Lofts, Penthouses. So pretty and magnificent. They need families to live inside, not watch from outside.

First Time Homebuyers, Interest Rates are still very low, and many programs, tailored specifically for you, are sitting idle. Be proactive, and take advantage of these products, before rates, increase. Sparkling new condo projects, all around the city, await your arrival.

With any economic downturn, and stagnant demand for supply, Real Estate, historically, has lead the marketplace towards recovery. It will be no different this time, as a new Administration in Washington, will spark the ink of many Accepted Offers, and Contract signings. Excitement is back in the Industry!

Ready to Buy or Invest in New York City? We would love to have you as our neighbor. Call or email us with your questions, on how to Buy Luxury Real Estate NYC.

FD Allen Group Inc.




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