Thanksgiving Again..Family and Friends


Its that special time of year, again. Thanksgiving! In that context, we should all be thankful for the many Gifts, and Blessings, that are bestowed upon us,daily, with Life, Liberty, Family, and Friends.

The thing about Friends, is that they expect you to remain on their individual level for life, forever stuck, without upward mobility. They never want you to Evolve, Grow, Succeed, or Surpass, their infantile mindsets.

And when and if you do, its met with hate and cynicism, instead of support and applause. You see the looks in their eyes, when you see them now, asking themselves, how could this person come so far, when they started with so little.

“Be with people who celebrate you, not tolerate you.”

Well, I say to you, whoever you are, Hate On! When I, We, took the time, to take you to the river, to teach you how to fish, you didn’t want to listen or learn.

Now that you’re hungry, and me,we, still being your Loyal Friend, I’m going to feed you, but the menu will be Fish Sticks, not Filet. Don’t say I didn’t care, because i could have given you a finger.

The moral of this story, is, if you have friends, true friends, Cherish Them, Us, because we only come around Once In Your Life.

Loyalty counts. Be Accountable. Stay True To Friendship.

Wishing all Family, Friends, and Associates, a, Joyful, Happy Thanksgiving.

God Bless Your Life!!!

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