Merry Christmas, Kids, Children, and Dreamers – “It All Starts With A Dream.”


Once again, it’s the time of the year,where all little boys and girls, get magically excited about Santa Claus, and Christmas, with their written lists of Gift Wishes. Most kids seek toys and electronics, but the really savvy children are already taking control of their lives, at a early age, with dreams of Success and Entrepreneurship.

“It All Starts With A Dream.” 

As a boy growing up in NYC, I was always the dreamer. Of course, this was eon’s ago, long before the computer was created, and Social Media, were words that had not been conjoined. I was, and still am, a voracious reader of everything, that opened my eyes to the world, which I had yet to see, New Frontiers and Horizons.

One thing for certain! I was and still am, enamored with the world of Finance, Wall Street, and Real Estate. I promised myself, that one day, I too would become the CEO of a Fortune 500 Corporation.

“My advice to all the children of the world, All Races, All Colors, young, energetic minds, is to always put your Education, first. Let your Zest For Knowledge, become your ticket to Upward Mobility, and a better Life for you and your Family.”

Going to college, teaches you Mental Discipline, thinking and learning on an advanced level,outside of the box, and Responsibility. Two key components in the real world of Business and Life. What it doesn’t do, is prepare you for the Real World of Corporate America, with the exception of Internships, which I highly recommend, for those of you that will be attending college.

I mostly want you all to know, that I have been where you are, and that you all… “Matter To Me.” 

“It All Starts With A Dream.”

After leaving college, and starting work on Wall Street, at one of the largest Investment Houses in the world, (The Bull), I was trading successfully, Multi-Million Dollar Commodities, Precious Metals, and quickly rose to Assistant Vice President, before the age of 30.

Quick success, can sometimes paint false pictures. I’m now thinking, I am well on my way, to fulfilling my Dreams, of becoming CEO, of a Fortune 500 company. Well, I did not stop to think of the Internal Politics, Nepotism, and Favoritism, laying ahead in wait. Nevertheless, I thrived, until I left Wall Street, not as the CEO, I had once dreamed of becoming, but definitely with riches, both Financially and Mentally, and with enough experience to carry me to any destination that I choose, in Life.

So I started my own company. I became my own CEO, and that part of the mission was fulfilled. One of my biggest assets, is being a great student of The Game of Life, and by this i mean, observe, and  learn all you can, from the Power Players who are successful. If it works for them, it can certainly work for you. If you don’t know your position on the field, you certainly can’t Master It.

Learning from others comes from listening, not always talking!

“It All Starts With A Dream.”

“If I can do it, You can do it!”

“My advice to every child on this planet is..It makes no difference if you have college in your future or not, Keep Dreaming Your Dream, and one day, It Will Be Reality!

Hard Work, and Determination, will reward you with Outstanding Opportunities and Benefits, that you never imagined.”

Life is a Journey, and every Lesson you learn, is charged to you, Directly or Indirectly. It’s a One Time Trip, without any chance for Do Over’s, so use your Knowledge learned, Wisely.

Always take the Initiative, and be Fearless when it comes to advancing your Dreams. I know all of you will be Successful in your future endeavors, and if you’re really a Dreamer, like I am, keep on dreaming, because Reality is Sweet, and nothing beats, Dancing to your own music.

Whatever your future Career Path, remember to be Adaptable, with Eyes and Ears open, and Mouth shut, Paying Detailed Attention, to everything.

I hope my nuggets of Wisdom, have been Insightful, to All, who Dream, and don’t know how to turn them into Reality. Stay focused, and never let anyone tell you that you cant be what you want to be in Life.

I send wishes of Joy, Peace, Love,and a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Gigantic Future, to all the Children of the World, and Future Entrepreneurs.

Frank Allen – Founder – CEO – FDAllen Group Inc. NYC

“It All Starts With A Dream.”



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