Luxury Real Estate NYC – NO FEE RENTALS


The year 2017, is really the Year of The Renter. With rents at all time highs in Manhattan, a significant number of Luxury Apartments and Condo Rentals, are sitting half full, and are offering generous financial concessions to Renters.

This is a two fold scenario.

First, there are No Broker Fees, which many Renters dislike paying, but the Real Estate Market in NYC, was designed this way, to keep strangers, from just walking off the sidewalk, into, these multi million dollar buildings, and this also is how Brokerage Firms, generate revenues, through commissions. Broker Fees can vary from One Months Rent, to the State Sanctioned, 15%, of the first year’s annual rent.

Often times, if a Renter has to pay Broker Fees, most reputable firms will negotiate a commission percent, that is fair and equitable to all.

Advantage – Renter

Secondly, with the need to maintain an occupancy rate as close to 100 percent rented, as possible, Management Companies are more willing to offer Renter Concessions, especially during the Winter Months, which are traditionally slow rental months. Finding a 15 month lease, with 3 Free, are not uncommon deals, now days, but of course, your Broker knows this, so be sure to work with a reputable and knowledgeable Real Estate Professional.

Advantage – Renter

Call us today, for a list of all NYC No Fee Rentals. Hurry, they don’t last long.

FDAllen Group Inc/Luxury Real Estate NYC


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