#Renters Delight – Summer in #NYC


This year, 2017, the Manhattan Real Estate market, has been as nontraditional, as any I have witnessed in 20 years of Luxury Real Estate Sales  and  Rentals in NYC.

There is an abundance of Brand New Apartments, sitting empty, which is not the usual in Manhattan.Certainly pricing is always a factor. With so many half filled buildings, Management companies and Developers are feeling the heat, and are offering unheard of  concessions, to attract new tenants, renters, to lease signings.

15 month leases, with 2 months free, plus No Broker Fees, are just a few of the incentives offered to the large pool of potential renters. 

I advise you take to advantage of the savings and concessions being offered, because they will not last forever, and thats a promise.

Ready to move into your new Luxury Apartment? Give us a call today.

FD Allen Group Inc/Licensed Real Estate Broker

Luxury Condo Sales, Apartment Rentals NYC



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