Welcome to the #HOTTEST #RealEstate #Market in #NYC. #TheBRONX



Just as the Headline states, THE BRONX, is the HOTTEST new Real Estate market in NYC. Once upon a time, THE BRONX had some of the most eloquent residential buildings and boulevards imaginable.  Over the decades, crime, drugs, and poverty hit a lot of BRONX neighborhoods, and a lot of properties fell in into eyesores, and disrepair, from many years of non development and neglect.

No longer the Step Child Borough, THE BRONX is fast becoming the place to live again, with an abundance of Land Space, New Developments, Renovations, and Gentrification, pushing the trend to community greatness, pride and a place to call home again.

Some BRONX neighborhoods have experienced a 300% percent Market Appreciation, in the last 24 months.

With Pre War Condos, built in a time of Masonry Excellence, these buildings and units are huge and spacious, and the craftsmanship and construction, will never be duplicated.

Prices have always been somewhat more affordable uptown in THE BRONX, than in other Boroughs or areas of NYC. With the new Real Estate market being on fire, prices are rising for Buyers and Sellers.

Once a safe haven for low budget Renters, the average one bedroom is now $1300-$1500 and climbing, still a bargain compared to Manhattan and Brooklyn rentals, but this is rapidly changing, as prices are starting to reflect the injection of new life, energy, and businesses in the Borough.

My advice for New Buyers, that are Budget Conscious, is to pick up a Condo uptown, and watch your market value soar, like a Hot Stock on Wall Street. Or just sit back and applaud yourself for making a really savvy business deal.

The average price for a One Bedroom Condo Purchase is $125,000-$150,000, depending on Zip Code, excellent price points for First Time Home Buyers and Buyers that cannot afford more purchase power.

To schedule your Free, Real Estate Consultation, on Buying and Selling in THE BRONX, call or email us today, for Excellent White Glove Service and Representation.

FD Allen Group Inc/Licensed Real Estate Broker/212.561.6720/fdallengroup@aol.com

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