How I Became An Entrepreneur and CEO

FD Allen Group Inc.

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As a boy growing up in Harlem, I was always the dreamer. Of course this was many sunsets ago, long before the computer was created, and Social Media, were words that had yet to be conjoined and born. I was and still am, a voracious reader of any and every type of book,that opens my eyes to the world we reside in, as Global Neighbors!

One thing for certain, I was enamored with Finance, Wall Street, Real Estate, and promised myself that, one day, I too would become a CEO of a Fortune 500 Corporation.

After college, I went right to work on Wall Street, for a small company, named Merrill Lynch.

I proceeded to spend many years in the trenches, trading Precious Metals(Gold,Silver,Platinum) and later started to trade Mortgage Backed Securities,(MBS). These are the lifelines of Real Estate, as this is the pool of Investments that Banks and other Financial…

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