Mortgage Rates as of September 7, 2017


Hello All,

Enclosed you will find a list of rates, that will offer Prospective Real Estate Buyers, a numerical snapshot of Mortgage Rates available. Of course, all of these numbers vary per individual Credit Scores.

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*Conforming Loan Amounts – $424,100 and below:

30 Year Fixed – Rate/3.875% – APR/3.910%

20 Year Fixed – Rate/3.625% – APR/3.673%

15 Year Fixed – Rate/3.125% – APR/3.185%

*Jumbo Loan Amounts – $424,101 and above:

30 Year Fixed – Rate/3.625% – APR/3.644%

15 Year Fixed – Rate/3.125% – APR/3.158%

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